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kennedy_ricemoon-AB.jpgIn a couple of weeks we really will have an interesting show for you as we channel Robin Williams and Joan Rivers, plus some other surprise guests showup.  This week however we invite you to listen to a show we did channeling Abraham Lincoln and J.F.K.

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Mary Reed from West Virginia joins us this week to talk about her book, but also her life as a healer.  Like many who heal, Mary's life has been a bumpy road filled with great reward.  Mary is truly a shining light.

Mary's website:


The 7:00 Wave of Light and Grace.  We came up with an idea to focus love and light for 5 minutes at 7:00 each night and send it to different parts of the world.  Currently we are focusing on the Middle East and Algeria.  If you're interested in being a part of this just send your light as well.


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sail5.gifNico Economides felt the need at 18 to go exploring in his canoe from lower Lake Michigan to Lake Huron to the St. Marys River and then onto Lake Superior.  Unlike the other Great Lakes, Lake Superior for many of us is the most majestic and most pristine of the 5 lakes.  For Nico, it felt like he was returning home.  Pehaps he was.  Nico also shares some of his unusual stories, and some of the myths of the lakes.  Does the lake itself have it's own energy spirit?  The natives believe so.  There is a magic about the sea that draws many to her.

Nico today he runs Superior Odessy Sailing Adventures out of Marquette Michigan.  To book cruise on his National Registered Historic Coastal Schooner go to: 

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This week our good buddy Roslyn McGrath joins us to talk about her new book, Goddess Heart Rising.  The book is a compilation of paintings, poems and meditation for activating your divine potential.

Plus Joy is coming back to the sacred land (the U.P.) and here are some workshops and events:

Aphrodite Answers – Your Soul’s Beauty Revealed will be held Tues. August 26th, from 6:30 – 9:30 pm in Marquette.

Limited space is available and is already halfway full, so be sure to reserve your spot quickly if you’d like to be bathed in this beautiful energy with us! The fee is $45 with non-refundable, pre-paid registration by 8/22/14, $55 after if room. Checks may be made payable to ILC, PO Box 583, Marquette, MI 49855.

Joy & Roslyn also offering 2 other special events during her visit to Michigan:

Messengers of the Heart, offering readings, insights & guidance in a group setting at the Dale Thomas Center in Rapid River, MI on Sat., Aug. 23rd, 6:30 – 9:30 pm. Free follow-up meditation recording is included with $25 admission. Come join us and be received with open hearts!

And individual Soul Readings & Life Purpose Drawings at Panara Imports in downtown Marquette, MI on Thurs., 8/27/14. Call (906) 226-4604 in advance to schedule your appointment between 6 pm and 8 pm.

Roslyn's sites:

Joy's sites:


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This week Joy interviews her co host TJ.  We all have a story, we all have a purpose, except for TJ.  Go figure.  Kidding. 

Joy and Roslyn McGrath will be at Dale Thomas Event Center on August 23rd on 6:30pm, tickets are $25.


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messagestotheheart.jpgElise and Phil Okrend

As two creative souls passionate about the healing arts, Elise and Phil Okrend founded a successful greeting card company, MixedBlessing in 1990 based on messages of peace, tolerance and diversity. The story behind their company was featured in national media such as The Wall Street Journal, USA Today and Good Morning America. Their greeting card business success allowed the couple to diversify further into individual passions. Elise now pursues her artistic callings in healing and mindful pastel paintings in her art gallery space in Asheville, North Carolina and in the permanent collection of hospitals, offices and residences. Phil helps hundreds of clients as a certified life and business coach, incorporating writing, public speaking and original reflective music into his practice.

Elise and Phil currently make their home in the mountains of North Carolina where they enjoy hiking, kayaking and being in nature. They have two sons, Jordan and Josh, and a blue eyed dog, Maya.

Learn more about Phil Okrend at,
and about Elise Okrend at,

Messages to the Heart, is a gorgeous inspirational coffee table book, born from an organic pairing of one couple’s passion: Elise’s thoughtful, healing pastel paintings paired with Phil’s mindful philosophy derived from years of coaching clients to success. Together, they bring a visceral expression of everyday inspiration brought together through art and words. Readers will feel touched, inspired and reminded of their “ah-ha” moments of truth and beauty in their own lives. Not just a beautiful art book, Messages to the Heart is also a tool that readers can use again and again to pull themselves through life’s challenges. The book is 82 pages with 37 reproductions of Elise’s original paintings.


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susanmoll.pngJoy and TJ speak with Suze Moll.  Suze Moll is a visionary artist, a teacher, a Mom and master of mischief to two beautiful daughters. By using creativity to nurture the spirit in children, she reminds parents to encourage the creative spirit in their children. Suze's love for design, creativity,painting, and sewing has lead her to create a one-of-a-kind, up-cycled green clothing company called ReMix.

During summer months, she spends her time directing summer camps for "Imagine That". Providing children with an opportunity to create original ideas through self-expression in the great outdoors is one of Suze's passions. Her love of travel has brought her to China numerous times. While there with her daughters, she felt the pull to help with children in need of adoption.

In her free time she continues to experiment with different types of media creating works of art in her studio under the watchful eye of her furry family. Suze grew up in Danville Pennsylvania and is a graduate of Syracuse University, in New York. She currently resides in Harrisburg, PA with her family and two dogs. Suze's work is show cased at her studio and Shoppes on Market in Elizabethtown.

It's Suze's creative spirit and love of children that's brought her to Tee-shirts for Peace as team member. Along with designing cloths for us she offers a variety of products and services through out our website. Her generous heart and creative, soulful genius has blessed us in more ways than we can count. We are excited and honored to include Suze as one of our Advocates.



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 Our special guest this week is Annie Kaufman, a friend with many gifts and also is a Walk In.  What is a Walk In?  Since everything is choice, some souls will choose to leave their body before it's full duration.  And an agreement will be reached to allow another soul to enter for the remainder of time left for that body.  This is quite a natural thing, and happens more than we realize.  Often, especially now, the ones who enter are very gifted and aware.  For some it is a smooth transition and for others it can be more difficult.  Do most Walk Ins realize they are Walk Ins?  Some do, some don't.



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flo-color-335x400.pngFlo Magdalena is a respected visionary, author, channel, healer, coach, teacher, and spiritual mid-wife. She has worked throughout the world with individuals and groups since the late ‘70’s, helping them connect to and access understanding about who they are, why they are here, and how to live their highest potential and life purpose.  From a mystical three-year experience with Mary Magdalene, Flo wrote I Remember Union: The Story of Mary Magdalena, a dramatic, evocative and inspiring book that reveals Magdalene’s role in the life of Jeshua and their destinies that initiated the Peace of a Million Years of Dreaming, 2000 years ago.

Flo is the founder of Soul Support Systems. She gives programs and trainings in non-religious, soul-based experiential programs and offerings, such as Soul RecognitionSM, Circuitry AlignmentSM, HeartThreadSM and The Accelerated Thinking ProcessSM



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teddy-and-statue.jpgCan music really lift your soul?  Raise your vibration? 

Ted Slipchinsky is a mystic singer, writer and songwriter who lives in Southern Vermont.  Around 20 years ago,  after undergoing an intense Kundalini-like experience, he began (with no musical training) to compose and sing several original songs.

His transformational experience began one evening when, in frustration, he cried out to the universe for assistance in feeling “more alive”. The next day an “explosion” of energy arose within him. He describes the experience as feeling as if a cosmic generator had been attached to the back of his head and the stillness between his thoughts, what he calls the “stuff” of consciousness, came to life as a vibrating pulsating Force.

As he gradually learned to balance this energy, he was shocked to find that his voice was transforming from that of a non-singer to one of almost operatic quality. In addition, melodies (and sometimes words) were arising through him from a place he simply calls “Home”; a sacred space of remembering that moves him to tears.

 Ted believes that people who open to his songs and writings can feel the sacredness of their own Being, by unifying with the vibration which these works carry.

 This week we talk with Ted and at the end of the show, Amelia Earhart, what a combination!



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