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Posted by Joyofunion on December 9th, 2016

Joy is back with her co host TJ Ryan talking about The Flame Of Grace.  Is is a call started by Joy to offset all of the chaos in the world.  Are you feeling anxious?  Upset?  Frustrated?  Did the election throw you into a tailspin?  Well it's now time to get to work, wouldn't it be best if we came together to make a difference?  We have to get past fear and project love.  You can be part of this if you'd like. 


Call the number below if you'd like to be part of a conference call on December 21st at 8pm:


712-770-4700   access code 459 343  (please hit *6 to mute if y ou call late)


The purpose of the call is to surround people and places with love and light.  Can it make a difference?  Just one person can make a difference.  Imagine if that number turns into hundreds, or thousands, or millions?  Do you think the world would change then? 


Also check out if you'd like to help Joy's non profit for children:


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