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Confabulation_of_Dragons.pngJoy attended a class recently that got her to connect with her guardian dragons.  Guardian dragons?  This week you'll get to meet one of her guardians as we delve into the world that was once considered only mythical but is now making it's presence known.  Was there a time they roamed the earth?  Do they even exist?  Come join us this week as we explore the world of dragons and other mystical creatures. 




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roslyn.jpgIf you could speak with Jesus, what would you ask him?  Are there questions that you've always wanted to ask?  This week our good friend Roslyn McGrath speaks with Jesus who is being channeled by Joy.



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iremember-99x150.jpgThis week Joy and TJ speak with Flo Aeevia Magdalena as Flo channels Mary Magdalene to discuss how to protect our children and ourselves.


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flo-color-335x400.pngThis week Joy and TJ welcome Flo Aeveia Magdalena and we channel Mary Magdalene.  Mary has never been interviewed like this before in this format.  What an honor it was to talk with her and ask questions.  Mary shares much of her insight with the Divine Feminine and her connection to Jesus.  This is an incredible interview.

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A couple of weeks ago we spoke with Carol Fitzpatrick and featured her husband's music as part of the interview, this week we speak with Mark Torgeson and discuss how his music can change your vibration.
The music of Mark Torgeson has found its way cross-country and internationally. His first two albums, Between Mountains and Stars and Sundance In Moonlight, gained critical acclaim and were listed on Top Twenty playlists of Adult Contemporary, New Age and Acoustic Instrumental radio stations. The cornerstone of his music is the elevation of consciousness. It is designed to increase one’s awareness and vibrational frequency by bringing in the multidimensional assistance of star elders, angels, devas and fairies, the crystal kingdom, and ascended masters. 
Since 2005, Mark has taught workshops in Sound Healing, performed in concerts featuring piano and synthesizer, and co-facilitated transformational workshops with his wife, Carol Fitzpatrick. His intent and focus is always to usher in the frequencies of the new earth grid to fully support humanity’s transition into the next stage of alignment with the heart. He has co-founded
Center for Planetary Awakening as part of this mission. His first love is improvisation, the kind of free flowing creativity that dances the music through him. 
Thanks again to Mark for letting us sample some of his music on our open and close of the program.  Find out more about Mark at:
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Carol Fitzpatrick is an internationally known seer and empathic intuitive who serves as a channel so that others can more fully understand their soul's path and purpose, and unravel the great mysteries of the divine. She is the vision-holder for 32 Global Light Centers, a vision and mission she received in 2009. The centers are light-filled communities established in energetically significant locations around the world. They are designed to balance and stabilize the new earth grid of consciousness and serve as models for sustaining oneness as a way of life. In 2010, she co-founded the Center for Planetary Awakening, a world service organization to provide the leadership and support for the project. Web:, educational portal:
Music provided on this show from Mark Torgeson.  The piece we used is called Intergalactic Council of 12, from his album, Peace, Joy, Balance and Harmony.
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Joy and TJ talk about all of the unrest going on in the world today.  Recent incidents have pitted many against the police, regardless of where the truth lies.  Many feel they are not being held accountable.  We all need to be accountable for actions and the only way to move forward is through love.  Love is always the answer.

What would Jesus say?  As many celebrate the birth of Jesus we go to the source to find out what message he has for all of us.



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I am a registered homeopath with the North American Society of Homeopaths, and trained in London, UK with the Lakeland College of Homeopathy, and have been a practicing homeopath for seven years. I am also a flower essence practitioner, reiki master and soul recognition practitioner and have recently been initiated into the new energy of Starfire.


My intention is to guide my patients towards achieving their level of optimum health, as without optimum health, life can become an unnecessary struggle. So, my aim is to help prevent the development of chronic disease and to relieve those symptoms already present.

True health, to me, includes spritual, mental and physical health, a synergistic balance of all three.


This week Vicky joins Joy and TJ to share her knowledge which might give you some options, not just for yourself but for your children.



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Jennifer Howell is from Gladstone Michigan, Joy got to meet Jen when she came to the U.P.  This week we speak to Jen about her area of expertise, astrology.  Now many will have fun looking at their horoscopes in the newspaper, and sometimes it seems somewhat accurate.  Many times it is not even close.  But as talk to Jen we realize that a more detailed forecast could have some validity, see for yourself.  

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Dorothy J. Woodward receiver of the Star Fire Frequency

     As the visionary artist of the “Light Angel” and other paintings, Dottie was always intrigued with the spiritual world and the energy field.  She is a Master Teacher and Practioner of Usui, Karuna, and Radiance Reiki and a Certified Hypnotherapists.  She is the president of NGH Central PA Chapter of Hypnotists, of NGH  and the organizer of the Meetup group,  Spiritual Trend Setters. She is dedicated to exploring  healing modalities and  actively raising  the consciousness of the planet.  Practicing Reiki is a major way to do that.


This week we welcome Dottie to the program who has many gifts to share.


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