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Posted by Joyofunion on October 22nd, 2014

robin.jpgWhen Robin Williams passed many felt a great loss.  Joy felt his spirit around her right away.  TJ felt there was more to his message and like he was being urged to pursue it.  So this week we channel Robin Williams, and guess who shows up?  John Belushi.  Now, neither of us remembered the connection the two of them shared, after researching we uncovered that Robin was with John the night he overdosed.  In fact Robin would go on to say it changed his path.  So now it all makes sense why John was there.  Joan Rivers is also here, she has some things to say, as always.  ;)  Joan was a pioneer for women in a field dominated by men, what does she have to say?  We also get a few other well known celebrities showing up, Lauren Becall, even Clark Gable.  I know, this sounds like a full house, and it is.  What do they all have to say?  If you're familiar with this show then you can probably have a pretty good idea.  Robin is coming from a place of love and humor.  He has been appearing to many to just bring some joy to their life and remind them of that.  He continues to serve from the other side.  Each is serving in their own way and they send us love.

Also, we start out talking about being grounded and how to stay grounded, especially in this time of great shifting energies.  Many are confused, perhaps this even ties back to why we contacted Robin.  He shares his moments before his suicide and what his greater message is for the rest of us, ultimately that message is always one of love and acceptance.  On this week's show we have several guests... all from the other side!


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