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Joy shares with TJ an unusual dream regarding the Corona virus.  Joy also channels the Council Of One who remind us what this is really all about.


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Joy and TJ speak with our special guest Holistic Practitioner Magali Diskus from Pennsylvania.  Magali discusses a device called the Qest 4 and how it works the body's meridians to diagnose potential illness and then gives a natural solution to healing.  Joy's had a number of ailments, some very serious.  She's managed to maintain but not we see a big change since she started working with Magali, there have been amazing results.  Joy shares those results in this interview.  Magali explains how all of works.


Our current medical system gets more and more costly, often we are given drugs that have major side effects on the body.  Most of us feel that the body was meant to heal naturally but how can we diagnose and then solve these issues?  There was a time when the ancients had the answers, was that information forgotten or covered up?  Where did the ancients get their knowledge?

Don Jacobs- Balancing Masculine and Feminine Energies

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Don Jacobs from Connecticut joins Joy and TJ this week speaking about masculine and feminine energies that exist within all of us.  Don teaches us how to balance those energies, he also offers understanding why women react one way and men react another way.  Women don't understand men, and often men don't understand women.  Each of us has the ability to experience both of these energies if we just open ourselves to it.  As we move closer to ascention we are all getting opportunities to balance the energies within.


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Bob Warner and Noel Marshall join Joy and TJ on this show and share their story about how they came to the realization to sell off their house and many of their belongings and get an RV and go on the road and trust that they would be guided by spirit to where they needed to go.


Flo Aeveia Magdalena- I Remember Union- The Story Behind The Story

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Joy and TJ speak with Flo about her journey to write I Remember Union, a book released in 1992.  Flo spent 3 years channeling the many different characters relating to the Christ/Magdalene story.  Flo shares that there is a movie in the works and a screenplay will be written this summer.


Flo feels the time is now to bring the message from 2000 years ago forward, many of us are feeling that as well.  So much is changing so quickly, the time is now! 


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This week we welcome Susie, Sherry, Gloria, and Barb, as well as Joy, who share their connection with the Goddesses, many of whom have been hidden, many of these you may not be familiar with.  As we've come to learn many of these Goddesses are returning now to help bring forward the anchoring of the Divine Feminine in this time of great change.  Happy Solstice!


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It's been quite a while since our last show but Joy has been feeling the need to speak with Morgan Le Fay.  Are you familiar with her?  She was painted as a villian in the King Aurthur legends.  They say there is some truth in all legends, at the same time we know that the real truth is often manipulated to create a certain belief or understanding.  As we look back in our history, truthfully, we find that women were often portrayed in a negative way, often those stories were inaccurate.  The truth we uncover in this show is that Morgan did exist, as did Arthur, but not as we know it. 


Morgan is a strong and compassionate being and it is our delight to hear what she has to say.  She is anchoring the divine feminine in this time of great change and awakening.


Posted in DefaultTag by Joyofunion on December 9th, 2016

Joy is back with her co host TJ Ryan talking about The Flame Of Grace.  Is is a call started by Joy to offset all of the chaos in the world.  Are you feeling anxious?  Upset?  Frustrated?  Did the election throw you into a tailspin?  Well it's now time to get to work, wouldn't it be best if we came together to make a difference?  We have to get past fear and project love.  You can be part of this if you'd like. 


Call the number below if you'd like to be part of a conference call on December 21st at 8pm:


712-770-4700   access code 459 343  (please hit *6 to mute if y ou call late)


The purpose of the call is to surround people and places with love and light.  Can it make a difference?  Just one person can make a difference.  Imagine if that number turns into hundreds, or thousands, or millions?  Do you think the world would change then? 


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We have spirit guides, animal guides, loved ones, and angels assisting us on our journey.  What about Dragon Guides?  Why not?  Linda Gareh Applegate is our guest this week and she will show us how to get in touch with our Dragon Guides, how cool is that?


Was there once a time when dragon's and other mystical beings roamed the earth?  Why did they leave?  Have they been portrayed in a bad light?  Learn how amazing it can be to connect with your dragon guide.


Contact Linda at:


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Albert Moore joins us to talk about his book called Following Spring.  It's a book all can enjoy and take something from.  It's about staying in the moment and letting go.

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