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Joy and TJ talk about all of the unrest going on in the world today.  Recent incidents have pitted many against the police, regardless of where the truth lies.  Many feel they are not being held accountable.  We all need to be accountable for actions and the only way to move forward is through love.  Love is always the answer.

What would Jesus say?  As many celebrate the birth of Jesus we go to the source to find out what message he has for all of us.



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I am a registered homeopath with the North American Society of Homeopaths, and trained in London, UK with the Lakeland College of Homeopathy, and have been a practicing homeopath for seven years. I am also a flower essence practitioner, reiki master and soul recognition practitioner and have recently been initiated into the new energy of Starfire.


My intention is to guide my patients towards achieving their level of optimum health, as without optimum health, life can become an unnecessary struggle. So, my aim is to help prevent the development of chronic disease and to relieve those symptoms already present.

True health, to me, includes spritual, mental and physical health, a synergistic balance of all three.


This week Vicky joins Joy and TJ to share her knowledge which might give you some options, not just for yourself but for your children.



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