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Mary Reed from West Virginia joins us this week to talk about her book, but also her life as a healer.  Like many who heal, Mary's life has been a bumpy road filled with great reward.  Mary is truly a shining light.

Mary's website:


The 7:00 Wave of Light and Grace.  We came up with an idea to focus love and light for 5 minutes at 7:00 each night and send it to different parts of the world.  Currently we are focusing on the Middle East and Algeria.  If you're interested in being a part of this just send your light as well.


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sail5.gifNico Economides felt the need at 18 to go exploring in his canoe from lower Lake Michigan to Lake Huron to the St. Marys River and then onto Lake Superior.  Unlike the other Great Lakes, Lake Superior for many of us is the most majestic and most pristine of the 5 lakes.  For Nico, it felt like he was returning home.  Pehaps he was.  Nico also shares some of his unusual stories, and some of the myths of the lakes.  Does the lake itself have it's own energy spirit?  The natives believe so.  There is a magic about the sea that draws many to her.

Nico today he runs Superior Odessy Sailing Adventures out of Marquette Michigan.  To book cruise on his National Registered Historic Coastal Schooner go to: 

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